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Hunan Along New Energy Technologies Co., Ltd
a warm welcome to our customers to spare valuable time to visit ALONG,spacious and valuable advises are very much appreciated.

1.Operating Office

Our office is located in Yuelu District,Changsha City of Hunan Province of China.Please let us know visiting schedule at least one week in advance, we will help customers to do the hotel and ticket booking, itinerary arrangement and pick-up at airport etc accordingly.


We have our own equipment production workshop and cooperation factories;We always sincerely invite customers coming according to customers’ real needs. For those clients with real orders, you can go to the factory for test supervision.Advises about our operation and production are always welcome;

3.Project Sites

We will select the same or similar projects for customers to visit;For projects under our own investment, the relative arrangement can be more lenient;For customers’ plants,we will make appropriate itinerary under their rules and regulations,if necessary,we will have to sign confidential agreement.In principle, this service is only open for those who have strong cooperative desire.

About Contract

Hunan Along New Energy Technologies Co., Ltd
Thanks customers for trusting ALONG, both parties reach the consensus on the engineering design, equipment selection, project cost and many other terms, and finally come to the stage of contract signing , the following points need to be clarified:
1. The payment method can be cash Telegraphic Transfer (30% Deposit and 70% Balance) before goods delivery or 100% irrevocable Letter of Credit at sight;It can also be cash as deposit by T/T plus the balance to be paid by L/C; In principle,we don’t accept the requirement of project margin,reserves the right of rejection of L/C from regions or issuing banks that with low credit rating;The payer shall bear the cost of the payment bank and the receiving party shall bear the cost of the receiving bank;
2. Telecommunication Fraud becomes more and more serious,international trade is the harder-hit area;So for those contracts under payment item by T/T,in order to ensure customer's financial security, ALONG advises customers to confirm the bank account with the related sales staff by telephone or email with @alongnewenergy only;
3. As a result of ALONG's own reasons, resulting in delayed delivery of the goods, or take the initiative to postpone the construction of the project, and there is actual loss caused for customers, ALONG will offer some cash as compensation; Similarly, if the customer delay payment, resulting in cargo backlog over agreed delivery period, ALONG will charge customers with a certain of warehouse fee.For big projects that cash pressure caused,ALONG will charge a certain interest costs; In principle, this period can not exceed three months;
4. After the signing of the contract, necessary information of production schedule would be fed back to customers in due time;At testing stage of relevant equipment, invite customers to come to inspect equipment testing;If customers can not be present, ALONG will stick to implementation of the relevant test procedures to ensure product quality with a responsible attitude, to provide relevant video proof and test certificate;
5. If dispute happens that could not be resolved in actual contract execution, the two sides shall turn to independent third party arbitration,in strict accordance with the internationally accepted commercial rules;For the result of arbitration,it should be unconditionally executed by the two parties;Fall back to lawsuit if all are useless.

Bussiness Process

Hunan Along New Energy Technology Co., Ltd
has a complete set of business process system, as follows:

1. Stage of Project Design

1.1 Project Budget
For the initial inquiry from customer, ALONG will provide with the approximate process design, equipment selection and project budget on the basis of fully understanding the customer's waste raw materials and the specific requirements of the customers during the initial quotation period. So that clients can make a preliminary budget assessment or price comparison.
1.2 Cooperative Intention For those who have the intention to cooperate, ALONG will provide specific solutions, including process design instructions, equipment selection specifications, accurate project quotes and expected return on investment, but exclusive of detailed drawing book,specific pipelines, valves and other information;According to the actual situations,ALONG would also provide alternative solutions,enables customer to make choice according to the project budget.
1.3 Contract Signing After the contract is signed, ALONG will provide customers with accurate process design, comprehensive and detailed process drawings within contracted period,as well as process instructions,operating manuals and single equipment instructions and other quality certificates along with goods delivery.

2. Stage of Manufacturing and Purchasing

2.1 Along’s own Products
If the project contains products that under our own design and manufacturing, ALONG will strictly do quality inspection and acceptance in accordance with uniform standards,to ensure equipment quality and delivery time. For the design of independent equipment, ALONG not only consider the reliability of the machine and easy maintenance, but also take full account of the container size, in order to reduce sea freight and reduce costs.
2.2 Equipment Procurement
For equipment or accessories that ALONG does not manufacture, ALONG will make selective purchasing among all potential suppliers’ products under the comprehensive evaluation. And ALONG will arrange quality supervision engineers to go to factories for site inspection from time to time during the whole manufacturing process. Products will be strictly tested well for final acceptance to meet all conditions&terms of contract requirements.
2.3 Acceptance Inspection
For all relevant equipment and materials involved in the project, the customer can personally supervise testing at factories, or arrange a third party such as SGS to do the job until all the items of testing and container loading are passed.

3. Stage of Packaging and Transportation

3.1 Packing
For goods that for exportation, ALONG will do the packing in accordance with the provisions of the exportation and customer requirements,all goods with proper packing will be sent to our warehouse at Custom for safe custody.
3.2 Transportation and Container Loading
ALONG will arrange transportation and container loading in accordance with the contract requirements, and make records of the packing list in each container. Meanwhile, customers can also come site for inspection, or arrange SGS or other third-party inspection agencies for this job.

4. Stage of On-site Service

4.1 Goods Inventory
After containers arrive at project site, customers are advised to carry out the inventory of goods according to our detailed packing list.Any situation of damage,loss or uncertainty should be fed back to ALONG for adequate solution. Our construction personnel will also do the inventory work to ensure the smooth progress of the installation work.
4.2 On-site Installation
Our construction workers will make installations of equipment,piping,electrical wiring in accordance with the drawings.In the case of changing design according to actual site conditions,they will ask customers for approval before action.
4.3 Equipment Debugging
After installations completed, the process commissioning personnel will come for construction acceptance and process debugging.Time required for process commissioning may vary depending on the local resource environment and preparations at clients end.
4.4 On-site Training
During the process of debugging, our technical commissioning personnel, automation engineers and equipment engineers and lab personnel will organize customers’ operation workers for training on the technical manual operation and maintenance of the equipment according to the feature of actual debugging of the project.

5. Stage of Technical and after-sales service

5.1 Technical Services
For technical problems encountered in plant running,ALONG will arrange a specific engineer to connect with you, help you solve problems on-line or through emails. ALONG will also visit your factory from time to time,to make process technology adjustment according to actual operation.
5.2 After-sales Service
For faulty equipment that want repair or parts that need to be replaced, ALONG’s after-sale engineer will contact you directly for solving problems, ALONG will provide maintenance or replacement at site;Customers can stock some spare parts according to change interval under ALONG’s professional advise;Please provide with the list of spare parts to be supplemented according to the equipment ID number.

After-sale Service

Hunan Along New Energy Technologies Co., Ltd
strictly stick to our commitments to after-sales service, not to do one-time deal, never escape from our responsibilities with any excuse;Due to defective process design, faulty product quality and other defects that cause losses for customers, ALONG BIOGAS will do timely replacement of related equipment, improve the relevant design, until all problems to be resolved, And make up customers’ losses.
In general, our after-sales service commitment is as follows:
1. If construction, installation and commissioning are written into contract as our duties, we will resolutely provide the services. The regardless of the follow-up work after equipment selling won’t happen in ALONG; Especially for foreign customers with poor technical strength, they can only rely on suppliers to do the installation and commissioning;
2. ALONG BIOGAS offers at least one-year warranty for all mechanical equipment and electronic equipment,three-year for membrane products and tanks;Within warranty period,we will replace all defective parts and equipment for free,and bear all air&sea freight,make up customers’ losses;Out of warranty,we provides spare parts,maintenance and replacements during plant life-time.
3. Long-term follow-up for the operation of the project, in a timely manner to solve customer problems encountered;For domestic customers, home service twice a year;For foreign customers, if allowed, at least once a year;
4. With time goes, the relevant process design and equipment are being improved continuously, ALONG BIOGAS will continue to advise customers for improving to get higher returns; If feedstock changes or customers have new requirements, we will make the corresponding adjustment on design and provide the appropriate equipment accordingly;
5. ALONG BIOGAS offers full-time training twice a year for customers,about project design,daily maintenance&operation,Industry development and prospects, marketing etc.This service is for free,what’s more that ALONG BIOGAS will provide local accommodation for free;Customers need only to buy tickets.

About Distributor

Hunan Along New Energy Technologies Co., Ltd
is actively seeking new-energy companies as our exclusive dealers in their countries for strategic cooperation,to represent our products and services,to jointly develop target markets and achieve win-win finally.
Comments about dealership:
1. The target market has great potential,dealers will make efforts to use their own advantages to develop with great passion;
2. Potential dealers should have their own sales and service network, with relevant technical background and professional construction team;
3. Potential dealers are required to receive regular specialized knowledge and technical training from ALONG BIOGAS;
4. Follow the rules of the market, do not blindly pursue profits, and strictly control the quality of the project,to maintain credibility;
5. Potential dealers has been in cooperation with ALONG BIOGAS, are satisfied with our products and services through previous actual deals;
6. Dealers have to complete agreed sales tasks within agreed period of sales.Sales tasks to be determined by the two parties based on market size and potential;
7. ALONG BIOGAS will not touch any other clients from dealers’ countries than dealers only;While dealers are not allowed to represent other suppliers’ same or similar products and services.
The two sides discuss together to determine the specific terms&conditions in the dealership contract.