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July 2006 ~ February 2010

Group Sponsor was engaged in collection and utilization of gas (eg. Biogas) for power generation. Through this period of professional experiences, he gathered great resources and technologies about biogas.

28th April 2010

Along(HK) Engine Equipments Limited was established in HongKong, committed to the area of gas power generation and spare parts supply.

7th October 2012

ALONG ENGINE was rewarded with a contract of a turn-key project in Bolivia for supplying totally 1.2 MW gas generator sets, MV switchgear, power transformer and other relevant power equipment.

11th December 2012

Along Environ Tech Limited was established in HongKong, put all its passions into research of anaerobic fermentation, biogas desulphurization and decarburization for making CNG.

15th March 2013

ALONG BIOGAS is rewarded with a contract of the building of 500kW Biogas Plant for a cow farm in Sabah of Malaysia.

18th July 2014

A English environmental engineering company provided ALONG BIOGAS with a purchase order for supplying totally 1.5 MW containerized biogas CHPs and Desulphurization units.

1st January 2015

ALONG BIOGAS became a Golden-supplier of Made-In-China B2B platform.

8th June 2015

ALONG BIOGAS participated in the construction of a food waste - CNG plant in Changsha of Hunan province,China; In this plant, 2 × 5,000 m3 CSTR reactors and 1 × 3,000 m3 free-standing gas holder to supply 100 m3 CNG at 20 MPa for gas station.

16th January 2016

ALONG BIOGAS signed a turn-key project with a Italian environmental engineering company, to supply 2 × 2,500 m3 CSTR reactors, Biogas pre-treatment system and 2 × 250 kW Biogas CHPs.

23th April 2016

ALONG BIOGAS was rewarded with a turn-key project in Togo, Africa for supplying 1 × 8,000 m3 HDPE enclosed anaerobic lagoon, integrated biogas pre-treatment system and 1 × 200 kW biogas generator.

16th December 2016

With participation of new investor, Hunan Along New Energy Technologies Co.,Ltd was formally established in China mainland. Commit us to the career of environmental protection by sewage treatment, anaerobic digestion, biogas desulphurization and decarburization for CNG production, and biogas power plant.

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